Lindsay Lohan Loses Pitbull ‘Give Me Everything’ Lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan Loses Pitbull 'Give Me Everything' Lawsuit

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has just gotten her butt handed to her in a legal battle with rapper Pitbull over his song “Give Me Everything”. Just because she could sue E-Trade over “Milkaholic Lindsay” and win does not mean that she can launch a lawsuit in anyone’s direction who uses her name.

Pitbull used her name in the lyrics for the song, saying, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan”. She decided that it wasn’t fitting for her lovely brand, so she opted to sue him. TMZ reports:

But today a New York federal judge sided with Pitbull … ruling that Lindsay is dead wrong on the law — because the song is a work of art protected by the 1st amendment PLUS Lindsay’s barely even mentioned in it.

The judge also ruled … Lindsay’s allegations that she suffered emotional distress are also BS.

The case has been dismissed.

Did you think that she was going to win this case? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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