Lindsay Lohan Missed Her White House Correspondents’ Dinner Flight

Lindsay Lohan Missed Her White House Correspondents Dinner Flight

Rehabbed actress Lindsay Lohan needs to get her stuff together – and fast. Earlier today, LiLo was set to hop a plane at LAX at 1PM to Washington DC for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Apparently, she was supposed to be traveling with her attorney Shawn Holley. But unfortunately for Lindsay, Shawn made the flight — but Lindsay did not. Shawn was aboard the flight with Hollywood hunk George Clooney. I wonder if they were seated close to one another?

Why did Lindsay miss her earlier flight to our nation’s capital? Well, we’ve heard numerous reports that she was out late last night, partying it up. Who knew?!?

Sounds like someone needs to grow up already.

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