Lindsay Lohan mistaken for Lady Gaga?

Lindsay Lohan mistaken for Lady Gaga?

Rehabbed actress Lindsay Lohan was at JFK airport when she was mistaken for pop queen Lady Gaga! Can you imagine???

She took to her official Twitter to say, “What does it mean when an #americanairlines employee says “ah! lady gaga!” to me #jfk airport!!? should i of bursted into Born This Way @ladygaga.”

Yes, because they just look so much alike, don’t they???

Don’t you find that strange at all? Or is she just using Gaga’s name for the publicity? Perhaps that will take the focus off of her reported hiding out from her father? Then maybe we won’t question why she had to pretend like she wasn’t home so he’d go away? Just a thought.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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