Lindsay Lohan Paid To Party On New Year’s Eve

Lindsay Lohan Paid To Party On New Year's Eve

Despite having said that she was not going to be partying it up to ring in the New Year, Lindsay Lohan was paid a more than ample sum to be a filthy rich dude’s date for the evening. Of course, her famewhoring mother was also there “not drinking”. Ha.

Lindsay and Dina were out in London over the New Year where they were seen partying — for a price. She was said to be on the receiving end of a cool $100,000 for her services as a date. She celebrated the occasion with Brunei’s Haji Abdul Azim AKA Prince Azim, who is someone so rich, he lines stocking stuffers with iPads and diamond jewelry.

An inside snitch said, “Prince Azim not only flew her out, he put her up in a beautiful suite in the Dorchester for the weekend and following the party. Her mom, Dina, is also in London with her at the hotel and attended the party.”

The snitch added, “He rents the ballroom and does this for his amusement. He rents the ballroom and pays stars to show up. Lindsay went because she’s that desperate for a paycheck.”

Her father Michael Lohan said, “Now she’s getting paid for dates?”

It’s almost as if he is wondering how he didn’t think of that first…

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