Lindsay Lohan Ready To Play Elizabeth Taylor In Biopic

Earlier this month, we announced that Lindsay Lohan was being allowed to crap all over the memory of the late, great legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. It was later revealed that a real actress, Kate Winslet, was also interested in the role. So now, Lindsay is saying that she’s totally ready to foist her lack of acting skills on the unsuspecting public.

Hey, just because there is an iota of a resemblance doesn’t mean that the people at Lifetime should allow this to happen. If Glenn Close can play a man in a movie and get away with it, they should allow someone with talent make this role memorable….not Crackie McCrackerson.

Lindsay is ready to sign on to play Liz in the movie and is on the fast track to completing her community service. She is due in court today for a progress hearing and is said to be in the final stages of negotiations for the deal. Reportedly, she will be signing the deal early next week.

Lindsay is also said to be getting more and more scripts because she is finally not acting like a two-year-old that should always get their way. “Move that cone, I’m Lindsay Lohan!

What do you think of Lindsay portraying Liz? Crappy idea or is it just a Lifetime movie that she will get paid a small amount to do and no one will see? Thoughts?

Photo Credit: David Tonnessen,

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