Lindsay Lohan Responds To Rosie O’Donnell Comments

Lindsay Lohan Responds To Rosie O'Donnell Comments

Rosie O’Donnell began a war of words when she heard that Lindsay Lohan had finally signed on to play the late Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie Liz and Dick.

During her appearance on Today, Rosie said, “The last thing she did good, she was 16. I don’t think she’s right for the role and I don’t think she’s capable at this point to portray that character.”

Lindsay said in response, “It’s funny that someone you don’t know at all can say something so intrusive and so knowing. I did one of my first interviews with her when I was little. I was so excited.”

Dina Lohan chimed in, “I just wanted to know if Rosie O’Donnell played the Parent Trap for her children and she said Lindsay hasn’t done any movies, you know, since she’s 16, but that’s absolutely not factual. I mean I just want to get the facts straight.”

Did you think Rosie’s comments were out of line? Or did you agree with what she had to say? We think Dina misinterpreted Rosie’s comments. Rosie said that the last good movie Lindsay did was when she was sixteen, not that she’s actually sixteen. What do you think?

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