Lindsay Lohan Rushing To Complete Her Community Service

Lindsay Lohan Rushing To Complete Her Community Service

Lindsay Lohan is rushing to get her community service completed – for a reckless driving offense for which she was busted back in 2012. Wouldn’t it just figure that she would get jail time hung over her head and get away scott-free once again?

If you’ll recall, Lohan was in an accident in her rented Porsche when she slammed the car into the back of a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway back in June 2012. At the time, TMZ reports that the actress lied to the police about who was driving the car and claimed that it was her assistant. It presented a problem at the time because the celebrity gossip website suggested that she could get jail time for lying. Her assistant later copped to driving the car.

For that whole thing, she received a whopping 30 days of community service. It was nearly three years ago, but by November, she had only completed half. It appears that she concocted her Chikungunya story as a means to postpone her court date or at least give an excuse as to why she hasn’t done her complete community service as of yet.

Lohan’s plan was to attend the Community Service Volunteers in London on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday up until her court date on Wednesday. It’s a last ditch effort to cram in all of her community service before the new judge in her case decides to throw the book at her and put her in jail.

She apparently has said that she will get all of her community service completed by Wednesday, but whether or not there is any truth to that remains to be seen. She has claimed that the community service place was closed for two weeks, in addition to her recently discovered virus that she got while on vacation in Bora Bora – all as possible excuses for why her service from 2012 has yet to be completed.

Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan is involved in another scandal regarding the use of Photoshop in a picture she shared on Instagram. Apparently, she didn’t feel that her thin body was svelte enough and bended a bottle in the process of making herself appear thinner.

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