Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail

Yesterday, we’ve reported that Lindsay Lohan would get 30 days in jail as a result of her probation violation. The actress appeared in court and got just that, but with some strings attached.

Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced Lindsay to do 30 days in jail and said that she must surrender to the women’s jail by November 9, 2011. When talking to the judge, Lindsay took full responsibility for violating her probation. The judge made it clear that when Lindsay does her jail time, she will not be eligible for house arrest, electronic monitoring and no early release.

She was also given a new probation officer and all of her community service time has been converted to the morgue. She’s due to return to court on December 14, 2011, at which time, she must have 12 days of community service completed, as well as four psychotherapy sessions of 45 minutes. If she complies, her 270 days would be stayed until January 17, 2012. The judge also gave Lindsay a strict schedule of completing her community service, but said that if Lindsay completes the terms of her probation early, that it would be terminated.

The judge also said that Lindsay can’t leave the country and has to get permission from her probation officer before leaving the state.

Did she get off too easy? What do you think?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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