Lindsay Lohan ‘Spaced Out’ & ‘On Something’ During Playboy Shoot?

Lindsay Lohan 'Spaced Out' & 'On Something' During Playboy Shoot?

Lindsay Lohan is re-taking her photos for her shoot with Playboy magazine, but it appears now we know why.

Star magazine reports that Lindsay’s behavior was strange when she appeared on the first day of shooting, along with her younger sister, Ali.

A source said, “On the first day of shooting, Lindsay showed up disheveled and seemed super out of it”, and the eyewitness claimed that Lindsay appeared to be under the influence of something.

The spy went on to say, “She’d laugh at random things and say things that didn’t really make sense. She would ramble.”

The eyewitness also said that she wasn’t exactly cooperative during her session, either. Like she was expected to be? The spy added, “She was dragging and slow. She didn’t take or even understand direction well.”

Insane! Get it together Lindsay!

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