Lindsay Lohan to get another mugshot?

It has become an epic showdown of he-said/she-said drama between Lindsay Lohan and Betty Ford’s former staffer, Dawn Holland. Dawn claims that she’s the victim and that Lindsay was drunk and abusive. Lindsay claims that she is the victim and that Dawn made her cry — and she wasn’t drunk.

Either way, Dawn got canned from Betty Ford for reportedly selling her story to TMZ for $10,000. Lindsay has hired legal counsel due to the breach of confidentiality brought on by Dawn’s media blabbing. (Is she taking notes from Mike Lohan?)

In the end, Lindsay will have to answer to criminal battery charges that Dawn has filed against her. This could land her self-entitled butt in jail, but this time, for a whopping 180 days.

This has been your regularly scheduled Lindsay Lohan update. We’ll post more if she does something else crazy, but we’re not making this LindsayLohanOnline.

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