Lindsay Lohan To Star In Lady Gaga Music Video From ‘ARTPOP’?

Lindsay Lohan To Star In Lady Gaga Music Video From 'ARTPOP'?

Lindsay Lohan has been doing everything that she possibly can to be scrounging some cash together. In doing so, she is also trying to rebuild what little bit of a career she has left. So, when Lady Gaga wanted to be friends with her, naturally, she jumped all over that. They are apparently so close now that Lindsay is having sleepovers with Gaga and has even inspired “Mother Monster” to inject her lips for that trout pout look.

A source revealed, “Lady Gaga and Lindsay caused a stir last month when they had their sleepover at the Chateau [Marmont] and now it turns out that Lindsay will be starring in Gaga’s new video from her upcoming album.”

Recently, Lindsay wrapped filming her Lifetime movie, “Liz And Dick”, where she desecrated the memory of Elizabeth Taylor. She is now appearing alongside porn star James Deen in Bret Easton Ellis’ movie, “The Canyons”. A source said of the Gaga gig, “Due to Gaga’s superstar status, this would be Lindsay’s biggest role by far in many, many years.”

Another observer said, “Why this huge artist – who could literally have anyone she wants – chose someone currently at the bottom of the Hollywood food chain remains a mystery.”

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