Lindsay Lohan Wants Nothing To Do With Half Sister Ashley Horn

Lindsay Lohan Wants Nothing To Do With Half Sister Ashley Horn

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael just appeared on a show called “Trisha” with Ashley Horn and her mother to establish paternity. She is seventeen-years-old and has waited for him to agree to take the DNA test on several occasions. Finally he went through with it and it somewhat coincided with Lindsay’s press tour for her Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick”.

While on “Good Morning America” promoting the movie, an interviewer asked Lindsay how it felt to learn of the news that she had another sister. Lindsay then denied any knowledge of her father’s daughter and went about her business. Well apparently Lindsay really doesn’t want anything to do with Ashley.

According to reports, Lindsay doesn’t have any plans to ever meet her newly discovered half-sister. In fact, she doesn’t want a thing to do with the 17-year-old. Lindsay is telling her pals that she is one-hundred percent done with the circus that is her dad and doesn’t want to meet Ashley at all.

Lindsay hasn’t spoken with her father since he leaked the crazy “cocaine” phone call to “TMZ” and she doesn’t want anything else to do with his drama. Ashley doesn’t think poorly of Ashley, but says that she finds the situation disgusting because Mike was cheating on her mom while they were married.

Michael has since responded, saying, “I am sorry to hear Lindsay feels this way. I met Ashley and she is a good kid. But we all have our choices to make in life, as well as our own prerogatives. Who knows, maybe someday things will change. Regardless, I want the best for all my kids.”

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