Lindsay Lohan Was All Over The Wanted’s Max George

Lindsay Lohan Was All Over The Wanted's Max George

Lindsay Lohan really wants everyone to know that she is totally with the band and isn’t just some random groupie. At a party on Wednesday night, the *actress* was said to be all over The Wanted singer Max George. Hey, at least she has good taste, he’s hot!

Reportedly, Lindsay and Max were also spending time together on Thursday and Friday in Boston and New York. Weirdly enough, snitches close to the singer insist that he doesn’t really want to date Lindsay. So why is she hanging all over him?!?

After The Wanted played the Jingle Ball last week, they were said to be all over each other. Later, they checked into the Liberty Hotel together in Boston. A snitch on the scene said, “They looked like a couple. When they got back from the Jingle Ball concert, Lindsay was all over Max. They were even making out at one point!”

Perhaps that fight with Tiffany Mitchell really was over Max?!? He did jump to her defense after she was arrested for fighting, saying, “We were just out and there was a bit of trouble with someone in the club. But it got blown out of proportion to be honest.”

Do you think Max is just messing around with Lindsay? It sounds like she’s basically throwing herself at him, don’t you think?

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