Lindsay Lohan Wraps Shooting For ‘Liz And Dick’ (PHOTO)

Lindsay Lohan Wraps Shooting For 'Liz And Dick' (PHOTO)

Lindsay Lohan has officially wrapped the desecration of Elizabeth Taylor’s memory in her Lifetime Channel movie, “Liz And Dick“. Thank heavens!

On July 3rd, Lindsay announced on her Twitter page that the filming for the movie is finally complete. She tweeted, “Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Also- that’s a wrap on “Liz & dick”- thank you to all my fans, crew members, friends & lifetime!”

So we’re still flabbergasted that Lifetime has allowed this movie to happen with Lindsay in the driver’s seat. (Ha.) She doesn’t look a thing like Liz Taylor and no one had the decency to tell her that. All throughout the movie’s filming, her assistants and handlers were telling her how much she resembled the late movie icon and we’ve been saying how much of a travesty that really was.

So now that she’s no longer “method acting”, which for Lindsay means buying a cheaply made prom dress and dying her hair for a role, she has gone back to her natural color. She tweeted the above photo showing off her newly dyed red locks. Click over to her Instagram for the larger pic, but the quality still sucks.

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