Lindsay Lohan Is Writing A Tell All Book

Lindsay Lohan Is Writing A Tell All Book

In case you hadn’t heard, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly gearing up to write a tell all book! In other news, we are expected to believe that Lindsay Lohan can read. Ha. We kid, we kid.

According to the latest gossip, Lindsay will be penning a tell all book so that she can dish on everything that has happened to her. She will talk about her drug abuse, her acting career, family and her many arrests. Publishers are chomping at the bit to work with her and she has already received several offers.

She started the book in rehab when she was just using the journal entries as a therapeutic exercise. There is said to be no clear focus with regard to the book at this time because it’s still in its early stages. Reportedly, Lindsay wants to really open up about all aspects of her life.

What’s funny is that she actually thinks she’s letting us in some sordid secrets of which we don’t already know. Sadly enough, every part of her existence is documented, photographed and blogged about. And what the media doesn’t know about her, gets made up to sell tabloids.

Is there anything about herself that she could tell you to make you want to buy her tell all book? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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