Lindsay Lohan’s Assault Case Delayed In New York

Lindsay Lohan's Assault Case Delayed In New York

Lindsay Lohan was in a bit of legal trouble after allegedly punching psychic Tiffany Mitchell in the face at the end of November 2012. She was due in Manhattan’s Criminal Court Monday to answer to the charges of slugging the fortune teller. The actress did not appear in court, but it appears that the prosecutors have yet to pursue the assault charge as of yet.

There has yet to be an explanation for the delay in the case and we are unsure as to whether or not prosecutors will be filing any charges against Lohan. Lohan denies hitting the psychic, but did admit to her pals that she gave Mitchell a verbal smackdown and called her a “gypsy”.

Lohan’s mother Dina recently attributed her messy problems to her father’s abuse and violence against her when they were married. The elder Lohan claimed that her ex-husband Michael caused Lindsay to grow up in a violent household and showed police and medical reports to back up her claims. Michael Lohan responded by calling Dina’s claims “evil lies.”

Why do you think Lindsay Lohan’s case has been delayed? Does it sound to you like they aren’t going to pursue any charges against her whatsoever? Was there a payoff involved? Hit the comments and let us know what you think!

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