Lindsay Lohan’s Attorney Mark Heller Branded Incompetent By Judge

Lindsay Lohan's Attorney Mark Heller Branded Incompetent By Judge

We’re guessing that Lindsay Lohan is regretting firing former lawyer Shawn Holley. If she wasn’t prior to this morning’s shenanigans, she probably is now.

Mark Heller was in court this morning, trying his hardest to get her lying to cops case tossed out of court. What he probably wasn’t expecting was the verbal smackdown from the judge. The judge in the case, Judge James Dabney called Mark incompetent and basically told him that he should get help in this case from somebody who knows what they’re doing. Not only that, but the judge also made it clear that Lindsay has to show up on March 18th to declare that she wishes to proceed with him as her attorney, despite his lack of knowledge on California law.

After the judge denied his motion to have the case dismissed, he also denied the motion to have the case continued. After it was all said and done, the attorney held a press conference in which he claimed that Lindsay had a concussion from the accident.

He said, “My client suffered a concussion, and never should have been questioned by the police. She was basically held against her will and forced to answer questions.”

A law enforcement source revealed, “The doctors who treated Lindsay on the day of her car accident last summer didn’t diagnose her with a concussion. She suffered no injury to her head whatsoever. She did have bruised ribs, and she was very sore, but that was her only significant injury.”

The snitch went on to say, “Lindsay had a CT scan of her head, neck and spine and there was no injury. Not only that, but Lindsay went back to work after leaving the hospital. For Mark Heller to claim that Lindsay had a concussion is an absolute and blatant lie. When she was questioned by cops at the emergency room, she wasn’t denied any medical attention because of them.”

He’s really grasping at straws here, isn’t he?

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