Lindsay Lohan’s Pal Vikram Chatwal Arrested For Drug Possession

Lindsay Lohan's Pal Vikram Chatwal Arrested For Drug Possession

Lindsay Lohan’s former boyfriend and hotelier pal Vikram Chatwal has been arrested after he was found by the TSA having a crotch-full of drugs. Stay classy you.

After efficiently checking his person for whathaveyou, the TSA found that Vikram was carrying illegal drugs on his person at the Fort Lauderdale international airport. Vikram was busted for one count of trafficking and seven counts of drug possession. He was said to have had weed, ketamine, muscle relaxers, Xanax, Cocaine and other drugs on him during the bust.

What’s worse it that he even confessed to the authorities that he had obtained the drugs illegally. Perhaps this is just a cry for help? That’s what it sounds like to us! What do you think?

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