Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Report Is Glowing

Lindsay Lohan's Probation Report Is Glowing

Lindsay Lohan appeared in court yesterday after missing the Ellen DeGeneres taping. She partied the night before at the Jay-Z concert and then showed up to hear her progress in her jewelry theft case. Instead of the usual report that Lindsay hasn’t been following the guidelines of her probation, she received a stellar report.

Judge Stephanie Sautner praised Lindsay for all of her accomplishments since her last hearing. She gave kudos to the Playboy “model” for having “done it not only on time, but early.” The Judge also said, “You did the 12 days and you completed it early.”

I guess she just needed some structure? Or perhaps it was the looming huge jail sentence that was hanging over her head? Either way, it worked.

Judge Sautner said, “You’re doing well. I’d like to see it continue. Do more days a month and then we can end this in February, possibly.”

She also added, “Any month you’ve completed 12 days early, you can travel. For pleasure, for any purpose…to go to a spa, whatever she wants to do. Whatever anyone else is allowed to do.”

Can Lindsay get everything back on track now that she’s back on the right path?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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