Lindzi Cox Lied To Ben Flajnik About Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Text?

Lindzi Cox Lied To Ben Flajnik About Her Ex-Boyfriend's Text?

During The Bachelor’s third episode, Lindzi Cox tells Ben Flajnik that she was dumped via text message by her last boyfriend. The nasty message, she revealed, said, “Welcome to Dumpsville, population YOU!” In case you’ve missed that episode, you can read that recap here.

Now, her ex-boyfriend, Eric Lenze, is coming out of the woodwork to discuss the douchey text. He revealed that he and Lindzi dated for most of 2010. After they broke things off, she went on to film the show.

Eric says that he’s disappointed that Lindzi used him to get to the finale on the show and he wants to set things straight. He revealed that it wasn’t actually he who sent the nasty text message, but his friends after they had already split up. Even worse, he said that he and Lindzi had sex just weeks after she got back from filming the final episode with Ben.

In a new interview with the National Enquirer, Eric said, “I dated Lindzi for almost a year. After several months of living together, I realized that she wasn’t the one for me. She’s a great girl but our relationship lacked passion.”

He went on to say that after they split up, he went to Arizona with some pals for a guys’ weekend. He said that Lindzi was still texting him even then. He said, “She wrote things like, ‘When you get back in town we need to work things out. I really miss you.’ After several drinks around the pool, I started reading the texts to my buddies and told them, ‘This girl won’t stop! Doesn’t she realize I sent her to Dumpsville?'”

He revealed that he went to the bar to get a drink and when he got back his friends told him about the “Dumpsville” text that they’d sent her. Afterward, Eric explained himself to Lindzi and they had a laugh.

In November, Eric ran into Lindzi at a college football game in Seattle. He said, “She told me that she had been on an adventure and it made her realize how much she missed me. After the game, we went back to my house and had sex. But a few days later, I realized I made a mistake. I told her that we make better friends than lovers.”

He added, “I assumed that, since she had sex with me, Ben didn’t end up picking her, which I believe is a good thing. After watching the show and reading the internet blogs, I think Ben is a dork. Lindzi is a great girl and deserves someone better than Ben.”

He sounds like a complete douche, doesn’t he? At least he’s right about Ben being a dork!

Stay tuned for our live recap of the show tonight — as it airs!

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