Lyric145 Performs ‘We Will Rock You/ET’ On ‘The X Factor (VIDEO)

Lyric145 Performs 'We Will Rock You/ET' On 'The X Factor (VIDEO)

Simon Cowell’s group Lyric145 really took a risk with their mashed up version of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and Katy Perry’s song “ET”, but we found it energizing. Loved it! Did you watch the show? In case you’ve missed the full episode of the show, we did our live recap here.

Watch the group’s performance:

L.A. Reid said that he was confused about who the diva is, but was quickly cut off by Simon, who offered up the late, great Freddie Mercury. He said that their performance this week was good and that it was better than last week. He called last week’s performance a disaster (it wasn’t). Britney Spears said that she felt that they are a Hip Hop Group and should be doing Hip Hop tracks. Demi Lovato said that “ET” didn’t fit at all and that she didn’t get it. Simon said that they had very little time to prepare this performance and that he did get it. He said that he thinks people at home get it. He added that with the little time the group had to prepare, they never complained and that they bring an energy that this show needs.

What did you think of Lyric145’s performance? Was it your favorite performance of the evening?

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