Macaulay Culkin Begs Mila Kunis To Dump Ashton Kutcher

Macaulay Culkin Begs Mila Kunis To Dump Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been going strong for a little while now, after having just recently publicized their union officially. Apparently there is one person out there who isn’t happy about their romance — her ex-boyfriend Macaulay Culkin.

According to reports, Macaulay has begged Mila to dump Ashton because he “can’t live without her.”

Before they broke things off in 2010, Mila and Macaulay dated for eight years. Apparently two years later he still can’t seem to move on from their split. A source revealed, “He was begging Mila to give him another chance. He was telling Mila he wants her to leave Ashton. And be with him. Macaulay told her his life is falling apart and that he can’t live without her. They were talking and hugging, Macaulay didn’t seem to be in very good shape. He was shaking and looked really thin and unhealthy.”

Over the weekend, Mila was forced to confront rumors that she is pregnant by Ashton after photographers snapped an unflattering photo of her. She is currently in New York filming “The Angriest Man In Brooklyn”.

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