Macclesfield Town players and staff not paid September wages

Staff and macclesfield Town players have revealed they have yet to be paid their September salary by the club.
The Sky Bet League Two club had problems last season, also that the gamers released a statement stating they were concerned about suffering a fate very similar to Bolton and Bury.
The announcement read:We as players and staff in Macclesfield Town Football Club regret to inform that previous years issues regarding payment of salary to staff and ourselves have re-occurred once again.
Saddened by the news of Bury and Boltons team and players, we believe the need to launch this statement earlier we find ourselves in a similar scenario because theres [sic].
We are now begging for EFL to assist Macclesfield Town as a football club to not wind up at exactly the same position as what Bury Football Club are found themselves in.
As players and staff, we stay professional and committed to honor our contracts under these extremely difficult circumstances for ourselves and our families.
Macclesfield Town, who declined to comment on the matter has been contacted by sky Sports.
The club lies 17th at the League Two table, before Saturdays trip to Cambridge United.

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