Mad Men Recap: Season 5 Episode 12 ‘Commissions And Fees’

Mad Men Recap: Season 5 Episode 12 'Commissions And Fees'

Tonight on AMC is an all new episode of the hit drama “Mad Men”. This episode is titled “Commissions And Fees”. A lot has already gone down on this season of the show, but if you’ve missed last week’s episode, we have it recapped here for your perusal.

Tonight’s episode synopsis: Don follows a surprising lead and Sally goes out.

On this episode, we will get a taste of life at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce without Peggy’s input. It will be strange without her presence, but we’re more taken with the fact that Joan slept her way into a partnership. Will the agency be called “Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Harris”? Or perhaps “Sterling Cooper Draper Harris” if Lane gets into trouble for embezzling funds from the company and saddling it with a $50,000 debt?

Check out the preview:

Is Don talking to Megan about Joan’s recently minted partnership when he tells her that she can’t tell anyone? Things are amiss with Don who is now “drinking with a purpose”. Bert says in the close of the preview, “You know, you can’t keep being the good little boy while the adults run this business.”

Stay tuned for our recap of the show!


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