Mad Men Recap: Season 5 Finale Episode ‘The Phantom’ 6/10/12

Mad Men Recap: Season 5 Finale Episode 'The Phantom' 6/10/12

Tonight on AMC at 10PM EST is the season five finale episode of “Mad Men”. It’s been quite an eventful season thus far on the show and we will give you the highlights ahead of tonight’s finale, titled “The Phantom”.

The season started off with a two-part episode titled “A Little Kiss”. In this episode, Don turned 40 and his wife Megan did her awkward “Zou Bisou Bisou” dance at his party. Joan opted to keep her baby Kevin with Roger, even though her husband (Dr. Rapist) thought it was his son. Lane gives Joan reassurance about her job despite an ad in the paper that leads her to believe otherwise. [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

The third episode, titled “Tea Leaves” gave us an update on Don’s ex-wife, Betty Francis. She had been taunted for gaining weight and sought out a doctor for diet pills. Instead, she received some shocking news that she may have cancer. As it turned out, however, Betty is just fine. This forced Don to think of what life would be like without his former wife in his life and his children’s. At the office, Peggy hires Michael Ginsberg to handle the Mohawk account because they wanted a man for the job. [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

The fourth episode, titled “Mystery Date”, centers around the murder of nurses and Don’s fevered sickness. Peggy swindles Roger out of a boat load of cash for some secret work on the Mohawk account. Dr. Rapist makes an appearance to tell Joan that he had enlisted back in the Army for another year without consulting her first. In a dream sequence Don kills off his former lover Andrea and stuffs her body under the bed. [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

The show’s fifth episode, titled, “Signal 30” showed Pete trying to get his driver’s license and hitting on a high school girl. Lane lands Jaguar, but loses it after Pete, Roger and Don take the senior vice president to a brothel and his wife finds out. Pete insults Lane, to which gets his lights punched out in the conference room. [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

In the sixth episode, titled, “Far Away Places”, Peggy can’t satisfy the guys at Heinz with her pitch, so she satisfies a random guy in a movie theater. Roger and Jane take LSD with some friends and they both realize that they don’t want to be married to each other anymore. Don leaves Megan at the Howard Johnson’s in upstate New York after they fight and she ends up taking the bus home. [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

In the seventh episode, titled, “At The Codfish Ball”, Megan saves the Heinz account after learning that the agency is going to be fired. She tells Don to pitch the idea that was originally hers. Abe asked Peggy to move in with him but her mother hates the idea. Roger takes Sally as his date to the codfish ball to collect business cards for him and provide inspiration. Megan’s mother flirted with Roger the entire night, only to have Sally walk in on her pleasuring him. Dirty! [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

The eighth episode, titled, “Lady Lazarus”, Pete cheats on Trudy with his train buddy’s wife Beth. Megan quits the agency in favor of making a return to acting. Pete goes to Howard’s house and kisses Beth again. Is he truly that unhappy? [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

In the ninth episode, titled, “Dark Shadows”, Betty is trying to lose weight with Weight Watchers. Sally worked on her family tree project and asked her mother if Megan gets a branch. Betty informed Sally that Don was married once before, as well. Megan refutes Don’s attempt to allow Betty to poison them from fifty miles away. Roger and Jane are divorcing, but christen her new place, thus “ruining it” in her eyes. [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

In the tenth episode, titled, “Christmas Waltz”, Joan gets served with divorce papers at the office and Don takes her to a Jaguar test drive and a bar to calm her down. They flirt at the bar and later, he sends her flowers. Lane learned that he owes $8,000 for taxes in England and extends the agency’s line of credit by $50,000 to cover Christmas bonuses for the company’s employees. He forges Don’s name on a check for $7,500 to cover his butt with the tax man. In effect, Mohawk’s machinists go on strike, leaving the senior staff without their bonuses. [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

In the eleventh episode, titled, “The Other Woman”, the creative team works on the Jaguar pitch, but the sleazy VP Herb wants a night with Joan to seal the deal. Pete brings the idea to her and Lane coaxes her into taking a partnership as opposed to $50,000. Don didn’t want Joan to do it, but Pete convinced her that all of the partners were on board. He went to tell her not to do it and that the work could stand on its own, but unbeknownst to him, it was too late. Peggy leaves SCDP after feeling unwanted and unappreciated. She takes a deal for a thousand over her asking price for Don’s nemesis. [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

In the twelfth episode, titled, “Commissions And Fees”, Don confronts Lane about the forged check for $7,500. Lane said that he was never fully compensated for his work at the agency. Don asked Lane for his resignation, which threw Lane over the edge. His wife purchased a green Jaguar for him at a fair price, which literally makes him sick. He attempted suicide in the car, but it wouldn’t start. As a big “FU” to the agency, Lane hangs himself in his office, leaving only a boilerplate resignation letter. [EPISODE RECAP HERE]

Stay tuned for tonight’s recap! What will happen with the agency now that Peggy has resigned and Lane has killed himself? In the previews, Harry appears to be asking Joan if it’s true about the Jaguar account. Will she threaten to fire him if he brings it up again? She can do that now that she’s a full partner, right? Is Don going to visit Peggy in order to receive some solace over his guilt about Lane’s suicide? Weigh in with your thoughts below and come back as we recap the show tonight.


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