Madonna Disses Lady Gaga; Compares Her To Britney Spears

It is the second time in a week that the Queen of Pop, Madonna, has decided to dis Lady Gaga. Just a few days ago, Madonna said that she didn’t want to attend any Oscars after-parties if Gaga’s name was also on the guest list.

A source claimed, “It’s unusual for Madonna to be so petty. She doesn’t usually act like this, even about bitter enemies such as Sean Penn and J-Lo. But she didn’t want to be forced into a photo-op with Gaga.”

On January 13th, Madonna commented for the first time with her reaction to Gaga’s song, Born This Way. The song was basically Express Yourself, only revamped. She said, “I thought ‘what a wonderful way to redo my song.’ I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was…interesting.”

In a new interview with The Advocate, Madge is questioned about the newer superstar. She was told that Time magazine recently called her the Lady Gaga of the 80’s. She responded to that by saying, “I have no thoughts. What’s the question?”

When asked her thoughts on how Gaga connects with her fans, Madge says, “It seems genuine. It seems natural, and I can see why she has a young gay following. I can see that they connect to her kind of not fitting into the conventional norm. I mean, she’s not Britney Spears. She’s not built like a brick sh**house.”

Photo Credit: Darla Khazei,

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