Mama June Shannon Dates Child Molester; ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Gets Cancelled

Mama June Shannon Dates Child Molester; 'Honey Boo Boo' Gets Cancelled

Mama June Shannon doesn’t appear to have a great taste in men. Her newest beau, who has also become her newest ex, is a registered sex offender who served ten years in jail for sexually molesting a child. This sexual molester’s name is Mark McDaniel and what is ironic is she has started to date him, and even in light of, very real accusations from her daughter Anna Cardwell who is 20. What are these accusations made by Mama June’s daughter? They are that McDaniel did sexually molest her, back in 2003, right in her mother’s own bedroom and with her little sister named Lauryn aged three present. Anna was then eight-years-old at the time. Mama June was not home at the time this incident occurred, it was revealed that she was working.

Right after Cardwell did a forensic interview about the sexual molestation, which she claimed happened to her, at the hands of McDaniel. The County Sheriff’s Office in Griffin, Georgia, did get warrants for McDaniel’s arrest and he was taken into custody by police. McDaniel was then read his rights, but he didnt’ make any statement.

How could Mama June even consider dating this convicted pedophile? It is anyone’s guess and especially that of her daughter Anna who was allegedly molested by him sexually back in 2003. Cardwell gave a very emotional interview with “Entertainment Tonight” this week about Mama June being happy seeing McDaniel again.

She said, “How could she be happy with this man? He’s a sexual molester. How could she let him around her daughters? I just don’t understand it!”

Even more recently, Mama June’s actions have caused the network to cancel the ever popular show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. It was said previously that the show’s actors weren’t getting paid for the un-aired season, but it was since revealed that TLC would be sending them their paychecks. Of course, that is with the exception of Mama June, whose paycheck was drastically cut because her actions resulted in the cancellation of the show.

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