Marc Anthony Talks Jennifer Lopez Divorce

Marc Anthony Talks Jennifer Lopez Divorce

Marc Anthony is in the middle of divorcing American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, but you won’t catch them taking any cheap shots at each other. This is definitely good news to their young twins Max and Emme.

In a new interview, Marc discussed his upcoming tour as well as his life after divorcing Jennifer. He said, “I feel like I’m starting the next forty years of my life with everything I’ve learned and everything I know.”

Currently, he and Jennifer co-parent their cute twins, as well as remaining business partners for their show, Que Viva! He talked about how he has maintained such a great friendship with Jennifer, saying, “Don’t go for the cheap shots. Just in any breakup, it can get hot and heavy because emotions are involved and it’s very easy to go for the cheap shot. When you concentrate on not playing that card, it’s infinitely easier. If you can learn anything it’s that it’s possible to be civil and mature and adult about it. Period.”

Marc is currently ready to kick off his Gigant3S tour in Miami, alongside Marco Antonio Solis and Chayanne. Of that he added, “You literally can buy one ticket and see three acts that are at the top of their game.”

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