Marc Anthony Wanted Reconciliation With Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony Wanted Reconciliation With Jennifer Lopez

Apparently Marc Anthony was holding out hope that he and estranged wife Jennifer Lopez would reconcile. The couple were married in a private ceremony in her Beverly Hills mansion on June 5, 2004. Since around June, the couple announced that they were officially splitting up. But that wasn’t before Marc asked Jennifer to give their marriage one more try.

Instead of fighting for her marriage with Marc, she opted to pursue her deep rooted feelings for her new boyfriend Casper Smart. So basically Marc wanted things to work out, but she told him that she was madly in love with Casper. This lead to his divorce filing on Monday.

Sources close to Marc have revealed that this wasn’t a lone decision — after having a heart-to-heart talk with Jennifer a few weeks ago, she decided that she wanted to end their marriage. It was at that time that Jennifer confessed her feelings of being in love with Casper. Marc had no idea that her relationship with Casper had gotten so serious and was blindsided by the news.

Poor guy. Even though they were separated, he really wanted to work things out. I can’t imagine that he could’ve been too blindsided. They were both dating different people — did he really think that her relationship with Casper was just a fling? What do you think?

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