Marc Jacobs Postpones New York Fashion Week Show

Marc Jacobs Postpones New York Fashion Week Show

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs has decided to postpone his New York Fashion Week show as he is missing some vital elements in bags, shoes and fabrics. The delay is also due to snow storm Nemo, which is said to be wreaking havoc on the Big Apple.

New York Fashion Week’s most anticipated show has been postponed.

Designer Marc Jacobs said Thursday that his show will move from Monday to Feb. 14 due to “delivery issues with fabric and accessories.”

Jacobs’ more affordable line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, will take the Monday slot, but will move from the New York State Armory to the The Tents at Lincoln Center.

“We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience or expense this may cause you or your team,” Jacobs and business partner Robert Duffy said in a statement to show attendees Thursday.

Appealing directly to fashion editors who will travel to London from New York at the conclusion of the shows Feb. 14, Jacobs and Duffy said: “We don’t want to cause any issues for those who are scheduled to attend the London shows and we know that this schedule change makes for a difficult transition.” (London Fashion Week begins Feb. 15.)

Jacobs last postponed his show in September 2011 after Hurricane Irene.


“We are worried about transportation in general and delays throughout the day,” Maureen Cahill, the producer for the Parkchoonmoo show scheduled for Friday at 9 p.m., told “We are trying to compensate with car services to get models in on time.”


Do you think other designers will follow suit? He is a trendsetter.

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