Mariah Carey slams Eminem in new song, ‘Obsessed’

mariah_carey_disses_eminemIf you haven’t heard Mariah Carey’s new song, “Obsessed” yet, then go here. We’ll wait. Okay, obviously you must’ve heard her dissing him on her song.

Previously, Eminem released a song on “Relapse” called “Bagpipes From Baghdad” in which he tells Nick Cannon to back off and that he wants her back. Well, Mariah’s had enough and she’s firing back!

She sings, “You’re delusional, boy, you’re losing your mind… It must be weed, it must be the E… Why are you so obsessed with me? Lying that you’re sexing me. You’re a mom & pop, I’m a corporation/I’m a press conference, you’re a conversation.”

Obviously, one of them is out of their league here. Which one is it?

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