Marilyn Manson: “I would get the school shootings Grammy”

Marilyn Manson

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson usually gets the blame when teens go wild and shoot up schools, etc. He has insisted that if there were a Grammy to be had for school shootings, it would likely be his. He said that he gets too much bad press after it emerged that those who committed mass murders were fans of his music.

He says, “For Marilyn Manson, it seems to have become about the death toll, because we get blamed for every act of violence. “They don’t have a Grammy award for school shootings, but I guess I would get one if they did, whether I asked for one or not.”

I know and you know that Marilyn Manson is not the reason for these kids to run out and shoot a ton of people. Music censors are always looking for a scapegoat. Remember what happened to Ozzy?

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