Mario Lopez Might’ve Hooked Up With Britney Spears

Mario Lopez Might've Hooked Up With Britney Spears

It seems as if former “Saved By The Bell” star Mario Lopez is kissing and telling. He revealed in his memoir “Just Between Us” that he had a one night stand with a pop star. According to sources, the pop star turned out to be Britney Spears.

The actor/Extra host revealed that the one night stand happened years ago. He didn’t want to tell too much about the fling. He told Ellen DeGeneres that the affair happened about six or seven years ago. Then he said it might have been eight years ago. Is it possible that he doesn’t remember when it happened? You would think he would know when it happened. It’s not every day you get to have a fling with a famous pop star.

According to the dimpled actor, the fling happened while they were both free to be together. He was on a break from his then girlfriend Dancing With The Stars alum Karina Smirnoff. Spears was no longer with her husband Kevin Federline.

Lopez claims that the two are still friendly towards each other. He joined her on stage during one of her Vegas shows. Were they trying to get back together? Since they kept their affair quiet, it is likely that they could have had another one. Since he didn’t have another book to promote, that bit of information wasn’t going to be revealed yet.

It is something that Lopez decided to keep this information secret until he decided write his memoirs. He must have needed material to get people talking. Since the pop star is unnamed in the book, how did sources confirm that it was Britney? Did he “accidentally” release the name so the book could get promoted? This may be a safe bet. If he doesn’t have a lot of interesting information in the book, he has to get it promoted somehow. Why not throw a friend under the bus?

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