Mark Ronson Feels Lucky To Have Known Amy Winehouse

Mark Ronson Feels Lucky To Have Known Amy Winehouse

Music producer Mark Ronson says that he feels lucky to have known Amy Winehouse.

The two collaborated on her album, Back To Black and he says that he will never forget Amy or her influence on his career.

He revealed, “I’d been producing records for twelve years before I met Amy and I’d been trying so hard to have hits, but without any luck. The moment I thought to myself, ‘I’m never going to make it. I may as well just make music that I like’ is the moment I met Amy — we just created what we wanted rather than being concerned with what was on the radio at the time.”

He continued, “Something like Amy’s record comes along once in a lifetime, if that. Ultimately, Amy was one of those rare artists who made a very important record and they loved her. I was just lucky enough to have gone along for the ride.”

He added, “Winning and having success hasn’t changed my life but it has taught me a lot about myself and the nature of this business. The main thing being, to only work on stuff I believe in, regardless of what anyone else thinks.”

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