MasterChef Season Finale Recap For September 11, 2013

MasterChef Season Finale Recap For September 11, 2013

It’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for: the highly anticipated season finale of the hit cooking competition MasterChef! Are you excited?

Last week, we saw the elimination of Jessie, making way for Natasha and Luca to go head-to-head for the MasterChef crown. Who’s got what it takes to walk away a winner? We’ll know after tonight’s season finale of the show, but for now, we’ll be recapping the show as it airs. We watch it so you won’t have to!

Warning: This post contains obvious spoilers for who wins this season of MasterChef. Please do not read any further if you have yet to see the show.

Stay tuned for our live recap at 9PM EST. Until then, speculate in the comments as to who you think will win the whole shebang!


To cheer them on, all of their past competitors are there in the MasterChef kitchen. To kickoff the competition, they are cooking the judges a three course dinner. Natasha is making pan-seared scallops for her appetizer, while Luca is making pan-seared duck liver.

Joe said Natasha took a giant leap of faith and it worked and came together. Gordon Ramsay said her scallops were cooked to perfection. Graham called her dish the prettiest.

Luca presented his appetizer and Gordon called it a very bold effort, but said it needs another 90 seconds in the oven. Graham called the sear and the seasoning perfect. Joe said the dish is savory and sweet and it’s a masterpiece.

For their entrees, Natasha is making five-spice monkfish and Luca is making short ribs in a pressure cooker. Gordon said the color and sear on the monkfish is divine. Graham said it’s the prettiest dish he’s ever seen on the show, but the amount of heat is the only thing he would change. Joe said the persistence of the curry on the pallet is amazing. Gordon said she got it right.

Luca presented his short ribs and they are on the money. Gordon called them brilliant, refined and delicious, but heavy. Joe said he would be eating his entree at Luca’s restaurant thinking about when he would be making his next reservation. Graham said it was great.

For dessert, Luca is making panna cotta, sweet tomato jam and granulated sugar. Natasha is making coconut panacotta along with a lime panna cotta.

Natasha is up first and Gordon said he would’ve put more on the plate. Graham said it’s the perfect ending to the menu she made. Joe said it has that crunchy taste, but could there have been more on the plate?

Luca presented his dessert and Gordon said the texture is sublime, but it’s got a savory taste without being sweet. Afterward, it explodes with that tomato jam. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Graham said that there is nothing more Luca than what he put on that plate. Joe said he really liked the plate, but the jam should’ve been a layer underneath the panna cotta.

Who is going to win this season of MasterChef?

THE WINNER: LUCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TELL US: What did you think of the season finale winner of MasterChef? Was it the person you’ve been rooting for? Will you read his cookbook?

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