Material Girl Makes Millions & Gets Spot In the Guiness Book of Records

Per Life Style Extra:

Madonna has become the world’s highest paid female singer.

The ‘Material Girl’ singer earned an astonishing £26.6 million in 2004 which landed her a place in the new Guinness Book of Records, published today (29.09.06).

I remember first listening to Madonna and thinking that Cyndi Lauper was better. Of course, I was probably ten or twelve at the time. It’s not that she has amazing talent or anything, she was just provocative and unleashed. She broke precedents when it came to her presentation. While her vocal ability has always been mediocre at best and there are other more talented singers out there that get little or no attention, Madonna has kept herself in the spotlight for quite some time now.

Madonna at her best:

Verdict: Anyone that knocks Britney out of the limelight is alright with me.

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