Matthew McConaughey Calls Stripping A Drug

Matthew McConaughey Calls Stripping A Drug

Matthew McConaughey plays the character of Dallas in the movie “Magic Mike” and has admitted that he found stripping to be a drug. His character is a former stripper turned owner of the club Xquisite, where Magic Mike teaches the Kid all about shaking his butt for the almighty dollar.

He says that when he takes his clothes off to music, he just wants to keep doing it all over again right afterward. Not that anyone would have a problem with that, right? Ladies?

He revealed in a new interview, “When you do it, it’s like a drug. I want to do it again.”

To that we say, pics or it didn’t happen McConaugheyhey. As it turns out, Matthew isn’t a stranger to being naked in the comfort of his very own home. Once, cops came to his place over a noise complaint and found the actor playing the bongos naked. He said, “I’ve done it since, too. Oh yeah, bro, I love playing drums naked. Who doesn’t like comfort and music?”

“Magic Mike” opens tonight! Which of you “law breakers” are going to see it?

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