Matthew McConaughey Won’t Strip For The ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel

Matthew McConaughey Won't Strip For The 'Magic Mike' Sequel

Matthew McConaughey won’t be stripping in the upcoming “Magic Mike” sequel titled “Magic Mike XXL”. In fact, the Oscar winning actor won’t even be taking part in the stripper movie’s sequel. Boo!

The movie’s director Gregory Jacobs broke the news that McConaughey wouldn’t be returning to the movie franchise. Us Weekly reports:

The plan wasn’t always for Magic Mike XXL to be without McConaughey, however. Tatum, 34, who cowrote the sequel in which he stars, said this past April that he thought “everyone” from the original cast would be back.

McConaughey also said in January 2013, before he was ever nominated for an Academy Award, that he was open to becoming Dallas again. “In the right way [I would come back],” he told MTV News at the time. “It would be so much fun, but I would only be able to do to revisit Dallas if I really go ‘Okay, that’s what he would be doing.’ And Dallas can’t become like all of a sudden obviously comedic. I’d have to keep him the same tone. He’s committed.”

McConaughey should definitely return to the movie. We should all start a petition for Dallas to make his way back to the Magic Mike stage and shake what his mama gave him again! What do you think?

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