Megan Fox Did Not Cheat On Brian Austin Green With Shia LaBeouf

Megan Fox Did Not Cheat On Brian Austin Green With Shia LaBeouf

Just two days ago, Shia LaBeouf talked to Details magazine about how he hooked up with his Transformers co-star, Megan Fox. That sent the gossip world into a flutter, with people drawing the obvious conclusion that she cheated on her boyfriend, Brian Austin Green (DAVID SILVER, PEOPLE!)

Still, now that the dust is settling, a “source” has come out to say that while Megan did give it up to Shia, she wasn’t with Brian at the time. In layman’s terms, it’s called damage control.

A source said, “It was when Megan and Brian broke up. They had a ten-month break before getting back together.”

The snitch went on to reveal, “They bonded while filming. Believe me, that was an unhappy set. I think they were drawn together because it was so ugly working on that film.”

After Megan and Brian called off their engagement, they got back together and got married on June 24, 2010. I guess she just wanted to sow her wild oats? Besides that, wasn’t Megan a total nobody before she did Transformers?

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