MIA’s new album /\/\ /\ Y /\ is out today

MIA’s third album, /\/\ /\ Y /\ has been released today!

You can purchase the album here and stream the album is streaming here: myspace.com/mia.

Influences on the sound of /\/\ /\ Y /\ include dubstep, electro, punk, and pop, but the end result is not so easy to define. With songs geared towards the dance floor (XXXO, Teqkilla), the rock club (Born Free), the album is sure to please a wide audience.

This is insanely cool and it sounds good, too. It’s a mix of a bunch of different styles of music all in one neat tidy package. Love it.

Listen to “XXXO”, “Tell Me Why”, and “Teqkilla” after the jump:

/\/\ /\ Y /\ – “XXXO”, “Tell Me Why”, and “Teqkilla” by M.I.A. MAYA


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