Michael Jackson autopsy photo to be released?

mj_autopsyAccording to “The Daily Beast”, an autopsy photo of Michael Jackson does exist, and the quality is too good to be a cell phone photo.

A source said, “There are rumors that a photo is being flashed around Los Angeles. Supposedly was given to someone from who was at the autopsy.”

TDB reports:

Two of those who saw it described it to me independently, one of them saying it was “shocking.” It is of Jackson, his eyes wide open, lying on his back on a metal autopsy table. The picture is of Jackson’s head only, and taken from the corpse’s left side, from someone who was standing, and at about a 30-degree angle toward the body. The front of the pop star’s skull is shaved. His ashen face is stripped of any makeup. The lips are flat and wide, but without lipstick. A scar, which he had hidden under makeup whenever he went out, is visible on his left check. His tattooed eyebrows are the only other visible mark on his face.

The question is, would you want to see the photo?

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