Michael Jackson & Debbie Rowe not the children’s biological parents?

michael_jackson_debbie_roweAccording to sources, Michael Jackson and ex-wife Debbie Rowe aren’t the children’s biological parents at all. They were reportedly conceived via in-vitro and Rowe was only a surrogate.

TMZ reports:

Multiple sources deeply connected to the births tell us Michael was not the sperm donor for any of his kids. Debbie’s eggs were not used. She was merely the surrogate, and paid well for her services in the births of Michael Jr. and Paris.

She may still have a leg to stand on in court, but if her eggs were not used, then it may be frivolous to try. I haven’t heard of any legal precedence involved regarding surrogacy and the impact on custody arrangements.

Let the battle begin!

Update: We’ve just learned that Michael had never adopted the children. Even though it would be presumed that he is the father because there really isn’t anyone to jump up and take custody.

As for why Jackson didn’t formally adopt — we’re told at the time the kids were born there was no third party whom he believed would try and claim custody. For some reason, Jackson never thought Debbie Rowe would mount a custody challenge.

Another update: We’ve learned that Debbie Rowe’s attorney is calling BS on the report and states that her client is in fact, the two oldest children’s biological mother. That’s all she’s saying for now, though.

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