Michael Jackson hated ‘Thriller’?

90707M3_JACKSON_B-GR_15I find this news very hard to believe. According to sources, Michael Jackson almost gave up on “Thriller” because he thought it sucked.

In some newly released recordings, the King of Pop said that he broke down in tears because he thought “Thriller” sounded like crap. He even told his friends that he didn’t want to release the iconic album.

In the recordings, he can be heard saying, “Thriller sounded so crap. The mixes sucked. When we listened to the whole album, there were tears…I just cried like a baby. I stormed out of the room and said, ‘We’re not releasing this.'”

Apparently he took a bike up to a nearby schoolyard and he quickly changed his mind. He added, “One of the maintenance crew in the studio had a bicycle and so I took it and rode it up to the schoolyard. I just watched the children play. When I came back I was ready to rule the world. I went into the studio and I turned them songs out.”

Can you imagine what it would’ve been like not to have had the opportunity to listen to “Thriller”?

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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