Michael Jackson Was A Bed Wetter?

Michael Jackson Was A Bed Wetter?

According to Dr. Conrad Murray, the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, was a bed wetter. Michael passed away as a result of Propofol intoxication from his former doctor’s lack of proper care. Yet, still he was able to make a documentary, and all of these claims about Michael — and make a profit.

Conrad Murray said that Michael regularly “peed the bed.”

He said, “The bedroom that he slept in I had to persuade him, eventually to have it cleaned. He peed the bed. It did not smell good. It was mildew, and I had to get it clean.”

He went on to say, “Who would ever believe that a man his age would still be wetting his bed?”

He revealed that he was “entrapped” with the singer, saying, “I went there to take care of a healthy man, who said he was fine, to just keep surveillance. But once I got in there I was entrapped. He had very close acquaintances, but friends he did not have. He told me, ‘I’ve found one friend, which is you.'”


Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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