Michael Jackson’s Security Guard Testifies About Drug Use

Michael Jackson's Security Guard Testifies About Drug Use

A former head of security for Michael Jackson has testified that he was concerned about the late king of pop’s exorbitant drug use. Michael la Perruque took the witness stand in the ongoing lawsuit between the Katherine Jackson and the entire Jackson family against AEG Live earlier this week.

In his testimony, La Perruque said that he was especially worried that Jackson would overdose in the early 2000’s, adding that he later seemed to get his drug use under control:

“It was my concern that he may overdose. He fought very hard to be sober,” La Perruque said under oath. “He fought very hard not to be dependent on these prescription medications.”

He went on to explain that Jackson would often call him late at night, sometimes upwards of 20 or 30 times, and was often incoherent:

“I think he was just lonely. He wanted somebody to talk to.”

We’re sure that Jackson battled many demons during his time on this earth. Who do you think is going to win the lawsuit? The Jackson family or AEG? Do you think AEG is shady or was Jackson so bad off with his drug use that he couldn’t be helped? Share your thoughts below.

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