Michael Lohan Confirmed As Ashley Horn’s Father (VIDEO)

Michael Lohan Confirmed As Ashley Horn's Father (VIDEO)

Michael Lohan appeared on Trisha Goddard’s talk show to finally learn whether or not 17-year-old Ashley Horn is actually his daughter. As Maury Povich would say, “Michael — you ARE the father!”

Michael was just confirmed on television to be Ashley’s biological father. Unsurprisingly, Ashley’s mother Kristi said that she was trying to get Michael to take the DNA test on four separate occasions. Still, we are pretty sure that he wanted it to go down on national television — and it did.

Here’s the lead-in promo for his appearance on the show:

And the results and reaction from Michael’s DNA test as he learns that Ashley is, in fact, his biological daughter:

Why did he wait until she is 17-years-old to finally make this official? Did he just want to get out of paying child support? What do you think? Even still, will Lindsay Lohan ever embrace that she has another sister in the world? We cannot wait to hear what Dina Lohan has to say about this drama!

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