Michael Lohan defends daughter Lindsay over alcohol claims

Earlier today, it was reported by TMZ that Lindsay Lohan’s roommates were partying it up last Saturday, complete with a smorgasbord of alcohol. Reportedly, Lindsay hadn’t consumed any alcoholic beverages, but those claiming that had no proof.

Her father Michael is now defending her over claims that she may have been among the partiers who were consuming alcohol, during her stay at the Betty Ford Center.

Michael said, “There was never a party at Lindsay’s sober house. The situation arose as Lindsay and two other girls were on a pass. Lindsay was getting her hair done while the other two girls went their own way. When it was time to get back, Lindsay and the two girls had a problem meeting up, to which they wound up being ten minutes later back to the property.”

He went on to say, “Lindsay and the other two girls tested negative for drugs and alcohol. While I do not know the whereabouts of the other two girls, I do know that Lindsay has been moved to a secret location and is still actively involved in the program — and honestly doing better than ever. She had me in tears last night when I saw her. She is doing incredibly well and I am so proud to be her father.”

Wow, that just melts my cold dead heart.

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