Michael Lohan: ‘Lindsay Will Be In The Morgue’

Michael Lohan: 'Lindsay Will Be In The Morgue'

Proving that he won’t be a contender for Father Of The Year anytime soon, Michael Lohan commented on his daughter’s community service at the morgue. And what did dear old dad say about his beloved, money making daughter?

He said, “Lindsay’s not going to be working at the morgue, she’ll be in the morgue.”

Wow, what to be supportive, Mike. She was late to her first day at the morgue and gets turned away and he’s got her already neighbored up with the people dead there. Lovely.

He went on to say, “If that happens, there’s one person I blame. Well, two people. The doctor who wrote the prescription and Dina for the way she conducted herself through our divorce.”


He said, “The illicit drug use is bad enough but I really think the worst problems she has is the prescription drugs. If I was around her, I wouldn’t let that happen. It just goes to show you, what I say is true.”

Listen up, bozo. If Lindsay ends up in the morgue, she’s got herself to blame. That is, unless someone injects her with Propofol to sleep and walks away from her for any length of time.

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