Michael Lohan Says Lindsay Needs Rehab!

Michael Lohan Says Lindsay Needs Rehab!

Lindsay Lohan is due in court today over a failed alcohol test. During her rooftop barbecue on the 13th, she may have consumed alcoholic beverages, which apparently has violated the terms of her probation.

Lindsay has been ordered to appear in front of Judge Stephanie Sautner at 10AM PST and the Probation Department is already asking for the judge to toss her in jail.

Her father Michael is still sounding like a broken record, saying that she needs rehab. Didn’t they try that already, Mike? Seriously. No amount of rehab is going to sink into this self-entitled twit’s head that she has rules that she actually has to follow.

He said, “I’m so worried about my daughter. I’m very, very concerned about the people around Lindsay and the pressure being put upon her. If it turns out that the test was positive, then I have strong concerns because if a person can’t stay straight in the house where can she stay straight?”


Michael went on to reveal that he visited Lindsay on Father’s Day last weekend and that she seemed just fine. He said, “When I saw her over the weekend to me she didn’t seem like she had any alcohol in her system. I’m still opposed to jail. She needs to go into rehab. She needs to be in a program called G&G Holistic in Florida. They will not only give her rehabilitation, but they are a detoxification center and they don’t believe in prescription drugs. I don’t think Lindsay needs to be on any prescription drugs, and i think that’s part of the problem.”

Ugh….rehab obviously didn’t work. Do you think Lindsay will be going to jail today?

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