Mike The Situation Sorrentino’s tour rider demands

Mike The Situation Sorrentino's tour rider demands

If you thought for one second that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino wasn’t a diva, then think again! Seriously.

Mike is currently on tour in support of his deal with Devotion Vodka and his tour rider is insane. Life&Style reports:

“No one can speak to or make eye contact with him directly,” an insider tells the Scene Queens of the rider. “And ‘the Situation’ must always be marked as trademarked.” The Situation also requires that he be greeted at the airport, hotel and venue, and be accompanied by security at all times. Plus, no Jersey Shore rider would be complete without booze and babes. For his recent appearance at 4sixty6 club in New Jersey, the Sitch required six bottles of Devotion vodka, 24 cans of Red Bull, two bottles of high-end champagne and first-class security to keep out “grenades.”

Guess what else the Sitch wants to be a diva about? The one good thing he has going for him, his abs….He refuses to show them off anymore. A source said, “He just wouldn’t do it.”

Ugh. If we could tape his mouth shut, put a bag over his head, remove his shirt and use him as a scarecrow, he’d be perfect. Wouldn’t he?

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